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OpenDID is an OpenID Provider implementation capable of authenticating users through their Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credentials.

It follows the OpenID Connect 1.0 Specification and acts as a bridge between the decentralized identity world and the centralized authentication world supporting both the implicit and Authorization Code Flow.

A major use of OpenDID is Single Sign-On (SSO), which allows users to use the same DID and credentials to sign into multiple platforms and web services. For instance, by adding a "Sign in with KILT" button to a webpage.

Although integrating that functionality into a webpage is relatively simple, configuring and running OpenDID is more involved.


To learn more about the flow of OpenDID, see the OpenDID Flow documentation.

Project container structure

The project consist of multiple parts that supplement and interact with each other all shipped as Docker containers and released to Docker Hub.

opendid-setup container

The OpenDID Service needs configuration to run, which you can apply using this container. For example, it requires a DID to establish a session with an identity wallet. This container creates a DID and the necessary configuration by providing an account with enough funds.

Learn more in the run setup container documentation.

kiltprotocol/opendid container

This container runs the OpenDID Service, both the OpenDID front and back end. This container requires the configuration file created from the opendid-setup container.


This container is a web app demo, including front and back end services to demonstrate the use of OpenDID.