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In the KILT Limited Delegated Proof of Stake (LDPoS) consensus, delegators play an important role (at least in the infancy of the network) to filter the pool of candidates for honest, trusted and well-performing collators.

The requirements to become a delegator are much less than those for collators. You only need to stake a relatively low number of tokens and decide on a collator candidate. Once the collator you have backed with your stake authors a block and thus receives a reward, you and all the other delegators of this collator also receive a reward.

The following sections will guide you through the process of becoming a delegator, adjusting your stake, revoking a delegation and unstaking your tokens.


The amount of delegators per collator is limited. Currently, each delegator can only stake to one collator per account; this may change if the community decides to enable multiple delegations per account.