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๐Ÿ‘ค Claimer

This section covers the steps undertaken by the Claimer.

Here's an overview:

  1. Create a DID, which is the identity used to interact with Attesters and Verifiers.
  2. Create a claim, request an attestation, and generate a credential using the attestation for our claim.
  3. Present the claim to a Verifier.

What is a Claimer?โ€‹

Claimers are a crucial part of the Self-Sovereign Identity system.

A Claimer is an individual or institution that makes a claim or statement about their identity or abilities. They can use their identity credentials to prove these claims, and third-party institutions verify them.

Anyone can be a Claimer. All you need to do is complete a CType and create a claim. Then, you can send these claims to Attesters for verification.

They store their identity credentials in their digital wallets, so they decide which information to provide to which service. They have full control over their data and decide which data to share, where, and how.

You don't need to create a DID on the chain, meaning you are entirely independent!

Claimers can use their accounts without needing a chain connection.

Folder Structureโ€‹

Create the following files in the Claimer folder. This folders serves to mimic a Claimer's perspective.

โ””โ”€ kilt-rocks/ # project
โ””โ”€ claimer/ # all claimer code
โ”œโ”€ createClaim.ts # creates a claim
โ”œโ”€ createPresentation.ts # creates a presentation for verifiers
โ”œโ”€ generateCredential.ts # create the credential object that is sent to the attester for attestation
โ”œโ”€ generateKeypairs.ts # create keypairs for the light DID
โ””โ”€ generateLightDid.ts # create the light DID for the claimer
mkdir claimer && touch claimer/createClaim.ts && touch claimer/createPresentation.ts && touch claimer/generateCredential.ts && touch claimer/generateKeypairs.ts && touch claimer/generateLightDid.ts