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๐Ÿ‘ค Claimer

In this section you will walk though all processes done by the Claimer.

  1. The first step is to create a DID, which is the identity that is used to interact with Attesters and Verifiers.
  2. Next, we will create a claim, request an attestation and generate a credential using the attestation for our claim.
  3. Finally we will present it to a Verifier.

Folder Structureโ€‹

Create the following files in the Claimer folder. This folders serves to mimic a Claimer's perspective.

โ””โ”€ kilt-rocks/ # project
โ””โ”€ claimer/ # all claimer code
โ”œโ”€ createClaim.ts # creates a claim
โ”œโ”€ createPresentation.ts # creates a presentation for verifiers
โ”œโ”€ generateCredential.ts # create the credential object that is sent to the attester for attestation
โ”œโ”€ generateKeypairs.ts # create keypairs for the light DID
โ””โ”€ generateLightDid.ts # create the light DID for the claimer