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Unlock Unstaked Tokens

Before you can unlock your previously staked tokens, you have to wait 7 days (in block time).


You can either execute this transaction in Polkadot JS Apps or the KILT Stakeboard, which serves as an in-house developed Frontend for all KILT staking activity. Below, we outline the steps for Polkadot JS Apps. The process for KILT Stakeboard is described in detail in the BOTLabs Trusted Entity support hub.

In the Polkadot JS Apps (wss://, or wss:// go to Developer -> Extrinsics -> Submission.

  1. Select any account with enough balance to cover the transaction fee, which is around 0.005 KILT (the using the selected account field)
  2. Select the appropriate extrinsic: parachainStaking -> unlockUnstaked(target)
  3. Select the Id option (the MultiAddress (LookupSource) field)
  4. Select your collator's KILT address (the Id: AccountId field)
  5. Sign and submit the extrinsic (the Submit Transaction button)

You have unstaked tokens if you have either reduced your stake without increasing it for (at least) same amount afterwards or executing your exit request.