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Our JavaScript SDK (@kiltprotocol/sdk-js) is ready to be used in a browser context. For rapid prototyping of simple web apps, we provide a code bundle of the entire SDK which you can embed in a site by adding the following script tag:

<script src=""></script>

The SDK's functions then become available via a new kilt property on the global window object.

To get started with your first React application using KILT, we recommend using either the KILT Distillery CLI tool for bootstrapping or a framework like Vite or Next.js that takes away some of the complexity in building and testing a React application. You can find a broader selection of popular React-powered frameworks on the React project's homepage.

After completing the respective tool's recommended steps to initialize your project, simply add the SDK to your dependencies and you are ready to hack away!


You should of course familiarize yourself with the tool of your choice, but these commands have served us well in the past:

yarn create vite my-kilt-app --template react-ts
cd my-kilt-app
yarn add @kiltprotocol/sdk-js