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Update a Full DID keys and service endpoints

Once anchored to the KILT blockchain, a full DID can be updated. For instance, the following snippet shows how to use the authorizeBatch function to update the authentication key, remove an old service and add a new one for a full DID in the same transaction.

import * as Kilt from '@kiltprotocol/sdk-js'

export async function updateFullDid(
newAuthKeypair: Kilt.KiltKeyringPair,
fullDid: Kilt.DidUri,
submitterAccount: Kilt.KiltKeyringPair,
signCallback: Kilt.SignExtrinsicCallback
): Promise<Kilt.DidDocument> {
const api = Kilt.ConfigService.get('api')

// Create the tx to update the authentication key.
const didKeyUpdateTx = api.tx.did.setAuthenticationKey(
// Create the tx to remove the service with ID `#my-service`.
const didServiceRemoveTx = api.tx.did.removeServiceEndpoint(

// Create the tx to add a new service with ID `#my-new-service`.
const newServiceEndpointTx = api.tx.did.addServiceEndpoint({
id: Kilt.Did.resourceIdToChain('#my-new-service'),
serviceTypes: [Kilt.KiltPublishedCredentialCollectionV1Type],
urls: ['']

// Create and sign the DID operation that contains the two (unsigned) txs.
// This results in a DID-signed tx that can be then signed and submitted to the KILT blockchain by the account
// authorized in this operation, Alice in this case.
const authorizedBatchedTxs = await Kilt.Did.authorizeBatch({
batchFunction: api.tx.utility.batchAll,
did: fullDid,
extrinsics: [didKeyUpdateTx, didServiceRemoveTx, newServiceEndpointTx],
sign: signCallback,
submitter: submitterAccount.address

// Submit the DID update tx to the KILT blockchain after signing it with the authorized KILT account.
await Kilt.Blockchain.signAndSubmitTx(authorizedBatchedTxs, submitterAccount)

// Get the updated DID Document.
const encodedUpdatedDidDetails = await
return Kilt.Did.linkedInfoFromChain(encodedUpdatedDidDetails).document