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Request an Attestation

To obtain credentials, Claimers have to request an attestation for a set of claims from an Attester. The resulting object is a Credential, which can be created following the snippet below.

This process does not involve any interaction with the KILT blockchain, but is simply a communication channel where the Claimer and the Attester can communicate.

import * as Kilt from '@kiltprotocol/sdk-js'

export function requestAttestation(
claimer: Kilt.DidDocument,
ctype: Kilt.ICType
): Kilt.ICredential {
// The claimer generates the claim they would like to get attested.
const claim = Kilt.Claim.fromCTypeAndClaimContents(
name: 'Alice',
age: 29,
id: '123456789987654321'

const credential = Kilt.Credential.fromClaim(claim)
return credential

The structure of the claims must respect the schema defined in the specified CType. Attesters (and Verifiers) will reject claims that fail to verify correctly.