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Deployments and Services

KILT has two public deployments: a production one, called Spiritnet, and a test/dev one, called Peregrine. To learn more about how to set up a node for either environment, please check our fullnode set up guide.

Spiritnet is the production blockchain, and has been live since September 2021.

Peregrine is the public testnet, which can be used to build and test products that use the KILT blockchain, before switching to Spiritnet.

Faucet-Peregrine Faucet
Public EndpointsBOTLabs: wss://
OnFinality: wss://
Dwellir: wss://
BOTLabs: wss://
WalletSporranGitHub (manual loading into the browser)
Staking UICollators' performance (view only): Stakekilt
Delegation staking platform: Stakeboard
Governance UIPolkassembly-
Chain ExplorerSubscanSubscan