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Built on KILT

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of apps, wallets and websites that are built on KILT. If you are not on the list and want to be added, you are welcome to open a PR.


Wallets are the gateway to Web3. They store private information like secret keys for KILT DIDs and credentials. Each time a website needs to access some information about the visitor, the wallet first asks its owner’s permission to share the requested information.

Sporran is the first wallet to support the KILT protocol. It is maintained by BOTLabs Trusted Entity B.T.E GmbH and it is open source.

Web Apps

Decentralized applications have already been built that use the functions of the wallet.

Help secure the KILT Spiritnet! On Stakeboard you can influence who is allowed to build blocks on Spiritnet by delegating KILT tokens to a collator you trust.

bte-w3n-id-logobte-w3n-id-logo is a website that helps you claim and search web3names. Learn more about KILT web3names in our concepts section.

DIDsign provides a decentralized way to sign any file directly in your browser using your KILT DID. Your data stays locally on your device and is never transferred or held in a centralized place.

Get your first KILT credential today! SocialKYC issues credentials that prove ownership of several social profiles, including email addresses, and Telegram, Twitter and GitHub accounts, with more being continuously added. It's free to use, and credentials expire after one year.